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The Original Cocoa Traders (TOCT) are the proud creators of one of the most popular and revolutionary gourmet drinking chocolates in the world. The business was born out of a mission to create something that hadn’t been done before: a drinking chocolate with no artificial additives, just pure and simple gourmet chocolate in a cup.

Thick and silky, premium drinking chocolate from The Original Cocoa Traders. 

Thick and silky, premium drinking chocolate from The Original Cocoa Traders. 


TOCT’s partnership with MOTIF began after their respective co-founders spent three months in 2016 voyaging through the Pacific on a traditional Fijian vaka in search of cocoa beans. Through much conversation at sea, they discovered a shared passion for ethical business and planned to start working together when back on dry land. 

MOTIF and TOCT have since worked closely to bring quality and ethically produced drinking chocolate to thousands of cafes and their customers all over the world.

The Original Cocoa Traders classic Mofo Deluxe.

The Original Cocoa Traders classic Mofo Deluxe.

Helene, co-founder of TOCT,  explains: “The business had been growing pretty organically up until then, we never promoted it and didn’t have sales reps, it just grew by word of mouth. Then we started exporting and it grew year on year. So when Gabe met James and went on that waka journey, it was great timing. I was aware that it had been almost 10 years that we’d been running and needed to make some changes in order to grow further. MOTIF helped really focus our entrepreneurial spirit”.

Like most businesses, TOCT had dreams of where they wanted to go. They just didn’t quite know how to get there. Their goal was to produce pioneering, premium drinking chocolate, and they knew that doing business ethically was a big part of that goal.

“MOTIF helped us turn our ideas about strategy into reality” says Helene. “We had been stuck using a particular kind of cocoa and wanted to get to direct trade, but we hadn’t been able to find a manufacturer who would be able to do this. MOTIF travelled with us to Peru to meet a cocoa bean company there, and negotiated brilliantly with them on all aspects of the contract. That was a really big step forward which MOTIF were an integral part of.”

From streamlining their processes, to advising them on compliance, MOTIF have allowed TOCT to bloom into a fully functional business with great things on the horizon, including an upcoming new launch of their product range. 

“I don’t think we’d be in the position we are in today if we hadn’t worked with MOTIF”, says Helene. “They’ve helped us understand our mission, we were a bit lost before. We wanted to make an impact but didn’t know how. They’ve introduced us to the right people, and you can’t underestimate that.”

Since being established, The Original Cocoa Traders have strived to create the most ethically produced drinking chocolate blends in the world, now known as Koko Deluxe, Mofo Deluxe and the new Mofo Deluxe Premium (cane sugar free). 

Not only do TOCT source single origin beans, pay a premium and invest in education within communities, they also recycle all unused materials and donate any leftover ingredients and end-of-line products to schools and people in need.

“We want our product to be the bench standard, so that nobody would consider anything less.”says Helena. “We want to be that change, we want to take something to market that means from then on nobody will ever consider something that's not ethically sourced.”

Sold in Australia, New York, London, Japan, Singapore and throughout New Zealand, TOCT have created the most delicious and transparent drinking chocolate in the world, whilst also proving what’s possible when you care for people and the planet at every stage of your business. 

Add this chocolate garnish to your bucket list.

Add this chocolate garnish to your bucket list.


At MOTIF we drive revenue and profitability with strategies that are good for people and the planet.

We integrate social and environmental development goals into businesses in ways that gain competitive advantage, market growth and drive innovation. We work with leaders of ambitious companies who are looking to make well-informed strategic decisions that have a positive global impact.

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