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Motif have been helping businesses that come in all shapes and sizes. From retail and law to fashion and food, we love to dive into a business and help them succeed. One such company was Double Denim.


Launched two years ago, Double Denim has been making waves in the PR and marketing industry. With a strong ethical agenda at their core, they connect ideas with people and bring them to life.

“We saw an opportunity to create an agency that would take a really different approach to storytelling and be able to really get into someone’s business and help them be creative.” says Angela Meyer, co-founder of Double Denim. “We wanted to create a more feminist business model and bring a female agenda into the world of advertising, marketing, communications and PR. That was our goal”


The “Treat Her Right” campaign by Double Denim.


But Double Denim knew they needed to refine and structure their business, so when they met the MOTIF team in 2016, the perfect partnership was born.

“As business owners, we knew what our strengths and weaknesses were, but we really wanted to figure out how we could grow quickly” explains Angela. “MOTIF give us insight on how to do that. From bookkeeping, to cash flow forecasting, to strategic advice, they give us practical and solid support that has helped us grow.

“When it comes down to it, our revenue, margins and overall profits have dramatically increased since we’ve engaged with MOTIF. They’ve taught us a lot and helped move us into a really positive and healthy direction financially.”

MOTIF has done more than help Double Denim with their financials though, they’ve also instilled them with confidence.

Anna Dean, also a co-founder of Double Denim, says: “MOTIF have been great at giving us a confidence when it comes to money decisions. Things like how much we pay ourselves or if we can afford to take on a new person - all the questions you have about what your business can afford in the early stages. Having that support is a massive boost, just feeling like someone’s got your back.”

With 9 out of 10 new businesses failing within their first two years, what would Double Denim’s advice be to others starting out? Both women agreed, it’s about accepting you don’t have to do everything on your own.  “There are people that have exceptional ninja skills with excel,” Anna says, "You might as well pay them to do that for you instead of trying to work out all that stuff by yourself. You can end up wasting time if you try and do everything.”

Angela believes mentorship is key to success in any start up business. “Accept that you need a mentor. If you owned a new house, you wouldn’t try all the plumbing yourself would you? You’d get an expert. It’s the same for a business.

“That’s what we say to our own clients, that you don’t have to know all the ins and outs of marketing -  that’s what we’re good at. It’s the same thing with financial services, you don’t have to do it all yourself. “

Moral of the Double Denim and MOTIF story? Two brains are better than one. It takes much longer to try and do something you’re not an expert at, so let others help.

A power piece from the Double Denim team.


At MOTIF we drive revenue and profitability with strategies that are good for people and the planet.

We integrate social and environmental development goals into businesses in ways that gain competitive advantage, market growth and drive innovation. We work with leaders of ambitious companies who are looking to make well-informed strategic decisions that have a positive global impact.

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