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Our strategies utilise ethics to make companies outperform. Here are just some of the benefits of the MOTIF way.



Stronger brand and reputation

Higher levels of consumer and media trust, lead to a stronger brand and greater reputation.


Increased market access

Sustainability is increasingly influencing buyer behaviour across all categories. 71% of people are prepared to pay more for products made sustainably and ethically.


Increased innovation

Incorporating sustainable practices into the heart of your business leads to innovation, as doors open for business creativity and diversified revenue streams.


Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty

83% of consumers would stop buying a product if they hear that the company is being unethical or irresponsible.


Increased access to and return on capital

The stock price growth of the 100 most ethical firms outperform stock market and peer indices by nearly 300%.


Greater talent attraction, retention and productivity

74% of people want to work for businesses that are socially and environmentally sustainable. By 2025 Millennials will comprise 75% of the workforce.


Decreased risks and improved resilience

More than 50% of the largest US corporate bankruptcies in 2011 were due to unethical business practices, costing the owners and the economy $1.228 trillion (near 10% of GDP).


Our Services.

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– Growth strategy development
– Business case development
– Strategy implementation management
– Business purpose development

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– Performance reporting & insights

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– Board positions
– Strategic leadership coaching

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– Financial forecasting
– Financial modelling
– Impact Modelling


How we work.



Let’s catch up over a drink to better understand your business direction, ambitions and your values to tailor a strategy perfect for your company.



Together we’ll explore your business, market and industry, utilising your vast knowledge and internal resources to gain a deep understanding of what makes your business tick and potential opportunities/risks. 



After discovering the keys to your business, it's time to take what we have learnt, and develop a data driven, well informed strategy to grow.

*We appreciate the commercial realities of timing, investment and cash flow. We understand the importance of your returns on investments and balancing the long term drivers with the short term wins.



Last but not least, we will deliver.

We will ensure you are equipped with the right infrastructure to implement your strategy and drive your actions. We will monitor, evaluate and refine your strategy – making sure that it remains alive and is fit for purpose.

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When it comes down to it, our revenue, margins and overall profits have dramatically increased since we’ve engaged with MOTIF. They’ve taught us a lot and helped move us into a really positive and healthy direction financially.
— Angela Meyer, co-founder of Double Denim
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The opportunity for us to become a lot more profitable has increased ten-fold because of MOTIF. Very quickly, the MOTIF team helped us work out our priorities and devised a strategy with us that would move us towards our goals.
— Gabe Davidson, co-founder of Wellington Chocolate Factory