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Ethics and competitiveness are not mutually exclusive. In fact, our strategies utilise ethics to help our companies outcompete.


Some sort of text here about the benefits of transparency, etc in business.


How we work.



Let’s catch up over a drink. Before we can develop a proposal we need to get a better understanding of your business direction, your ambitions and your values. This will enable us to tailor a strategy for your company more effectively and in a scope aligned with your priorities.


We want to make informed decisions and this starts with good data and understanding. We also recognise you are the experts in your field and there are huge amounts of industry knowledge and insights you will have. Together we’ll explore these, your business, your customers and your market. We will also look at your internal resources to deliver a strategy that aligns with your  capability. We look into market drivers in your industry and business both internally and externally.


We recognise the commercial realities of timing, investment and cash flow. What are the returns on investments, the long term drivers and short term wins? What to prioritise?

We will take what we have learnt and develop a strategic plan that is actionable and tangible.


We have set the intention, creating the processes to enable delivery are now the crux of the matter. Here we will set up the processes with your team to make delivery of the plan effective and begin actioning.

We make the business case for doing right by the world. We help you transform your big ideas into business plans and strategies that are inspiring, actionable, tangible, and drive revenue and market growth.
— James Bushell, Director, MOTIF