About Us.


We work alongside businesses that want to grow, improve people’s lives and improve the environment. We’ve set our sights on changing the world by delivering on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).


We use the UNSDG’s as a lens to view your businesses impacts through. They are a globally understood language which can be utilized to communicate the positive impacts your business is creating across the globe.


Meet the team.


James Bushell

James is the founding director of MOTIF.

He is a business strategist with a resolute drive to increase your company's revenue and market share through the use of sustainability practices.

James’ skills in strategy development and implementation, governance, and data-driven decision-making, are grounded in organisational and human psychology and offer key leadership insights and processes to make informed strategic decisions.

To relax you’ll find James out tramping or diving.

James Bushell MOTIF

Bart de Vries

Bart is a strategist and project manager at MOTIF.

He is a systems thinker looking for ways to create growth, empower people and regenerate the environment.

Bart is skilled at peeling back the layers to find root causes and strategic team facilitation to build engagement and ownership.

You'll see Bart actively engaged in supporting the green growth and low carbon startup ecosystem in New Zealand as well as developing products to help peoples performance and health in the workplace. In his down time you’ll find him playing hockey, fermenting something or trying a new body weight movement.

Bart de Vries MOTIF


Alex Novak

Alex is MOTIF’s finance technical lead with a strong history working with purpose-driven organisations in a number of industries. 

He has worked in tech and agri-finance, and has lead the financial management of a dairy farm's conversion to organics.

Alex provides business leadership with a better understanding of their organisation, by looking through a financial lens, to help present the best information for effective and timely decision-making.

Beyond the spreadsheets you'll find Alex playing inline hockey for New Zealand, out on the farm or being the #1 support to his extreme adventure running partner.  



Hanguy Chun

Hanguy is MOTIF’s bookkeeping lead with a reputable history of working with small businesses to streamline their accounts.

Hanguy makes sure the business activity is being translated into accurate and relevant data for business leaders to make well-informed and timely decisions.

Outside of the numbers you'll see Hanguy doing boxfit and spending time with family. 

Hanguy Chun MOTIF